All About Bicyclebungee

We all know the frustration we feel when we want to cycle with a companion but there is a big difference between our individual fitness and abilities. Traditionally the only way for two unmatched riders, say a husband and wife or adult and child, to ride together is on a tandem.

However, we know tandems are not always a satisfying ride for both. Now with Bicyclebungee the slower rider can enjoy a more independent and much better quality of ride, and both riders get to work out at whatever level of effort they choose.

In effect Bicyclebungee is a speed-equalizer which allows you to stay together.

The key principle behind Bicyclebungee is that both riders ride at the same effort that they would if they were not connected. You simply use your gears, with the towing rider choosing a lower gear than normal and the towed rider a higher gear than normal.

The combination of the retracting spring and bungee cord releases a smooth, progressively increasing assistance force to the following bike, equalizing the speed of both riders, regardless of the difference in fitness and strength between the towed rider and towing rider.

On a single mountainbike track the Bicyclebungee’s good length of available cord lets the riders keep a good distance apart so the towed rider can choose their own line, or stop with enough time to warn the front rider.

On the open road the riders can choose a closer position to take advantage of drafting. And for longer downhills it is easy to disconnect without stopping and reconnect again at the bottom.

Above all, Bicyclebungee lets you simply enjoy a good sociable ride with anyone, regardless of their ability. You’ll both enjoy a good workout and neither of you will particularly notice the other person’s influence on your ride.

For training athletes

There is a second benefit for elite athletes in training. The use of resistance to develop strength and endurance is well established e.g. Lydiard’s uphill bounding and drag resistance (often by pulling a tyre) in sprinters. The Bicyclebungee can be used in a similar way by cyclists, forcing them to maintain a higher gear. Alternatively, riding at normal effort, the time on the uphill sections will be correspondingly lengthened, increasing the training effect.

Simple Installation